As an independent Creative Marketing and Branding Consultant Company we have over 15 years of International Experience of managing key corporate accounts and delivering tangible results to clients that want to increase their on-line presence. We study the needs of your campaign and tailor made deliverables that will drive not only more sales and leads to your business, as well as building Brand recognition to be the foundation of all your future marketing endeavors.

We understand the direction of your business and simply facilitate the flow in order to maximize impact. We are providing a mixture of services and solutions tailor made to create the biggest possible impact with the lowest possible investment. By building a solid foundation on which any future implementation can stand, our services are future proof and guarantee the impact that your business deserves.

Understanding and Developing your Business, is our Business.

By understanding the essence of a business, we communicate its perceived values through all aspects of Still and Moving Media, bringing any business activity to life.


Our products and services are carefully selected to suit the specific needs of visual communication of a company or a project.


By understanding the financial requirements of the company we have been able to roll out a tailor-made marketing solution that effectively delivers a major impact on a limited and results-driven budget.


We have built and supported numerous local businesses, SMEs and Large Corporations throughout ASEAN, Europe and Australia and their endeavors on the Internet. Their success has been the pulse of our company.


Understanding a business and creating a vision on which all marketing efforts are based on.

Our Business History

Our Creative DNA

Basementality promises to deliver only the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Our Creative Skills

Print 90%
Web 95%
Multimedia 85%
Marketing 90%

Our Corporate Mantra

Our Boundaries of what we can do for you are only limited by our imagination, so we like to keep it free!

As if we were a part of your existing business.

Because we have a burning passion for creative work, and need to be doing it all the time to be truly satisfied.

Some of the companies we have worked with

¬†We value our client’s engagement and hope to establish a long lasting relationship with our clients in order to create a full fledged, creative endeavour that will stretch the imaginative and creative minds of both parties to produce some truly lasting effects.